We run seasonal programs!

RaJA runs seasonal programs during long holidays and other times of the year. The contents will be announced. RaJAでは、長期休暇の時期等を利用して、シーズンスクールを行っています。内容は随時ご案内しますので、お楽しみに♪

We have received enquiries from customers in Hong Kong and Taiwan. We are working on developing a more international seasonal school in the future. 香港、台湾からのお客様よりお問い合わせをいただいております。今後より国際色豊かなシーズンスクールを展開できるよう調整中です♪


💛Past program

- 2022 Summer School: Registration closed

- 2022 Autumn School : Only for students of Fuzoku primary school)


- 2022 Winter School (for siblings of current students only)


‐ 2022年 Summer School受付終了

- 2022年 Autumn School(附属小学校の生徒のみ実施)


- 2022年 Winter School 在園児の兄弟姉妹のみ(受付終了)

💛Crisis management training on a desert island

Crisis management training was held on desert island in Tsukumi, Oita Prefecture. "Nature" does not mean "well-maintained beaches". The children learned a lot in just one day at the Day Camp, as they experienced survival, such as catching and eating their own fish. It was also a great learning experience for the parents and teachers as they discover a new side of the children.



💛Summer school 2002

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