💛Basic Info.

【Students(対象)】3-12 years old(年少~小6)


I believe that all children are different, and that all children are filled with endless potential, especially when nudged in the right direction. Our goal in C-Lab is to give children the opportunity to find something they love, and ignite the same level of persistence and dedication that they showed when they were babies learning to walk. Our after-school program offers a range of extra-curricular activities that go beyond typical school subjects, and contribute to a child’s intellectual, physical, and creative growth. We work actively to adapt our program offerings to the constantly-changing international environment. 

The C-Lab team keeps updated with the latest news and trends to provide the information and tools that children need to become independent leaders and thinkers. Our goal is to give each child an advantage in their future by introducing them to subjects that prepare them for new fields of work. We are very excited to offer Wonder Code, a coding education program that teaches your child STREAM skills, reading, and problem-solving. 


We also offer money literacy, where children can learn about one of the most important topics shaping our lives, and other subjects such as geography that goes beyond simply memorizing maps and countries. We can’t wait to see you in C-Lab.


放課後のプログラム(After school)では、公教育の枠を超えた、様々な課外活動を行い、こどもたちの知的、身体的、創造的な成長に寄与しています。また、常に変化する国際環境に対応するためのプログラムを積極的に提供しています。C-Labチームは、こどもたちが自立したリーダーや思想家になるために必要な情報やツールを提供できるよう、最新のニュースやトレンドを常に把握しています。わたしたちの目標は、こどもたちが新しい分野で活躍できるような科目を紹介することで、一人ひとりのこどもたちが将来的に有利になるようにすることです。ワンダーコードは、ストリームスキル、読解力、問題解決力を身につけることができるコーディング教育プログラムです。



💛C-Lab Regular Program

 The C-Lab curriculum has three main targets

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