🌻The registration for RaJAsaurus for this year has been closed.

Thank you very much for many applications exceeding the capacity limit. The registration for RaJAsaurus for this year has been closed. Please note that since the Academy is expected to reach its full capacity next year, the registration for RaJAsaurus for the 2024 academic year will be limited to children who will be at least 2 year old (年少々) as of April 1, 2024.

🌻2023年度 未就園児クラス受付終了

RaJA Global Academyの未就学児教室「RaJAsaurus」について、定員を超える沢山のご応募をいただきありがとうございます。


🌼Regarding the use of our English after-school program C-Lab

Currently, we have reached full capacity and around 20 people are on a waiting list for cancellations. When openings become available, we will schedule interviews with families to determine new enrollees. Unfortunately, there are currently no openings available right now.


現在満員で、約20名の方がキャンセル待ちの待機リストにご記名いただいている状況です。空き枠が出ましたら、随時 ご家族様との面談を行い、入学者を決定しております。現状では、あいにく空く予定はございません。

🌹WonderCode trial lesson in May / 英語で学ぶプログラミング体験会のお知らせ

🌹RaJA English Leap Academy Pre-OPEN in June! / 6月1日 英会話教室Pre-OPEN!

🌷Regarding Acceptance of Applications for Enrollment for the 2024 Academic Year / 2024年度の入学受付について

Giving Childcare the Gift of a Language-Rich Environment


💛International Education?

What is International Education?

It is education that aims to develop human resources who can interact effectively with many different people as possible by incorporating global perspectives, ideas, and views into the daily schedule and curriculum, and by English immersion.



💛Int'l Education Facility?

What is Int'l Edu. Facility for Small Children?

RaJA defines an  "international education facility" as a facility that creates a multicultural, multilingual, and multiracial learning environment, improves the qualities and abilities of children who will live in a borderless society (an era without borders), and develops human resources who can contribute to international society (global leaders) while respecting their own culture and identity. RaJA calls this an "infant" international education facility because children start this education from when they are babies, age 0. 



💛Our 7 Goals(教育目標)



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As one of 21 selected female business leaders in Japan, our CEO, Salliee Fukushima published a book available at any bookstore nationwide.

日本の選ばれし女性経営者21名として、商業出版を果たした 弊社CEO 福島さりいの著書は、全国の書店でお求めいただけます。

💛RaJA Group

 The first company to specialise in supporting oversea studies in Southern Kyushu. It offers customised  study abroad plans to suit individual objectives and budget. 南九州初の『留学専門店』で、目的やご予算に合わせたオーダーメイドプランの留学をご提案しています。

 Corporate initiative nurseries exclusively for 0-2 year-olds, where daily life is multilingual and multicultural (Shimoarada and Taniyama). 日常を多言語・多文化で過ごす、0~2歳児さん専用の企業主導型保育園(下荒田・谷山)

〒890-0051 鹿児島市高麗町40-39