🌸Congratulations for passing the Fuzoku primary school entrance exam🌸

All of the students who studied hard in our 'Primary School Preparation Classroom', have successfully passed their entrance exam! Well done♥ 'Primary School Preparation Classroom' combines the RaJA style intellectual and moral education 'RIT' with general study. Teachers are very proud of you! Congratulations!

🌸附属小学校 合格おめでとうございます🌸

RaJA式知育・徳育「RIT」と勉強を組み合わせた、当校独自の「小学校受験対策教室」を利用して頑張っていたお友達は、無事全員合格いたしました!よく頑張りました♥ 先生たちも嬉しいです!おめでとう!!!

Giving Childcare the Gift of a Language-Rich Environment


What is International Education? / 国際教養とは?

It is education that aims to develop human resources who can interact effectively with many different people as possible by incorporating global perspectives, ideas, and views into the daily schedule and curriculum, and by English immersion. 日々の生活やカリキュラムそのものに、世界目線の視野や考え方、ものの見方(視点)を組み込み、それをすべて英語で実施することによって、より多くの人と効果的に交流できる人財育成を目指す教育のことです。

What is International Education Facility for Small Children? / こども向け国際教養施設とは?

RaJA defines an  "international education facility" as a facility that creates a multicultural, multilingual, and multiracial learning environment, improves the qualities and abilities of children who will live in a borderless society (an era without borders), and develops human resources who can contribute to international society (global leaders) while respecting their own culture and identity. RaJA calls this an "infant" international education facility because children start this education from when they are babies, age 0. 多文化、多言語、多人種などの学習環境を形成し、ボーダレス社会(国境なき時代)を生き抜く子どもたちの資質や能力を向上させ、自己の文化やアイデンティティーを大切にしながら、国際社会に貢献できる(グローバルリーダー)人財育成を行う施設を「国際教養施設」とわたしたちは定義し、RaJAは、これを0歳からスタートできるため、”乳幼児”国際教養施設と呼んでいます。

教育目標/7 Goals


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 As one of 21 selected female business leaders in Japan, our CEO, Sarii Fukushima published a book available at any bookstore nationwide.

日本の選ばれし女性経営者21名として、商業出版を果たした 弊社CEO 福島さりいの著書は、全国の書店でお求めいただけます。

RaJA Group

 The first company to specialise in supporting oversea studies in Southern Kyushu. It offers customised  study abroad plans to suit individual objectives and budget.


 Corporate initiative nurseries exclusively for 0-2 year-olds, where daily life is multilingual and multicultural (Shimoarada and Taniyama).