RaJA Global Academy (abbreviated as RGA)  is an international education facility for children ages 3-5 (pre-school age) that was created by RaJA Co., Ltd., a company that specializes in infants and toddlers, as the next step of the multilingual preschool education method. At RGA, children not only acquire practical language skills and globalism through immersion in the English language, but they also acquire life skills, communication skills, and thinking skills in a very natural way through a richly diverse curriculum of events and other activities. We also support students in accumulating life skills, communication skills, the ability to think, debate, negotiate, and cooperate, all of which are necessary to become an independent person. We believe in a child's ability to grow and develop on their own, and that we or in a way that will stifle a child's willingness to take on new challenges.


Give your child a great head start to life with an early international childhood education at RaJA Global Academy. As serious and professional international educators we know children learn best when they are involved and excited about their education. Our staff will be creating these moments of true involvement which will help build great thinkers, foster their curiosity and joy, as well as shaping them into lifelong learners. We will be promoting a safe and stable environment while forming nurturing relationships that will give children the security and opportunity to discover themselves and the world.


Many pre schools create a script on how children should answer inquiries. However this does not stimulate their brain instead it makes them linear thinkers. At RaJA Global Academy we will be guiding them how to spot the curiosities of their surroundings, ask about them and to come conclusions by themselves. This is one of the best strategies to open their minds to think outside of the box and explore the world. Another aspect we emphasize is to be a “ thinker “. Our teachers will contribute to assisting in the development of critical thinking skills. We will utilize our unique curriculum on day to day interactions with our students, asking open ended questions with encouragement for our students to experiment and solve problems by themselves. Early childhood education with many varieties of learning experiences will shape a child’s whole life. Our staff at RaJA Global Academy take this responsibility with pride and sincerity.

RaJA Global Academy(以下「RGA」という。)は、国際社会を生きるお子様ひとりひとりが、素晴らしいスタートをきれる学び場です。こどもたちは好奇心の塊であり、自ら進んで教育に参加します。わたしたちは、長期に渡る国際教育の経験から、自然と学ぶ姿勢がある幼少期こそ、人生の中で、最も学び多き時期であると考えています。RGAでは、洗練された思考力、好奇心や喜びを掻き立てる空間を日々創造し、生涯学び続けるための土台作りをいたします。日々、安全・安定の環境の中で、新たな自分と出会い、自らの素敵な世界観を広げられるような機会を提供いたします。




Basic information




【Students】3-5 years old as of April 1st

【Basic hours】8:00 - 14:00

【Entended hours】7:00~8:00 / 18:00~19:00


In RaJA, the students won't be treat like a children. We treat them equally as one human being. The design of the uniform is nothing childish but instead, something that even adults can wear. It is also gender-neutral.



Academy students should prepare their own supplies and carry them themselves.

○Names should be alphabetical. Non-Hepburn romanisation are acceptable!

○Please keep things as simple as possible.

○Bag packs, watches and shoes must not have characters printed. 

※Please help us create an environment that encourages children to develop their ideas freely rather than being stereotypic.






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