Optional learning opportunities are also available within the RaJA BLDG. Childcare, afterschool childcare and activities could all be done in single building. This saves time picking up and dropping off children, and also provides efficient learning opportunities.

RaJA BLDG内では、オプションで習い事もできます。1つのビル内で、保育・アフタースクール・習い事まで完結できるため、送迎の時間が省け、効率的に学びの機会を提供できるようにしています。

💛Lessons in English

💛Lessons in Japanese and English

💛Lessons in Japanese


If you have any questions, private consultations are available. Please feel free to contact us using the button below. Please note that the dates and times of the lessons are still in organising process, and the table below may be updated without notice. We apologise for any inconvenience.


<Payment method>

Automatic debit (on the last day of each month).

Until the registration is completed, please use bank transfer. Please note that you will have to pay the transfer fee.




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