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The Environment surrounding children is changing at a dizzying peace. In my many years of working with children, I have seen that the way we interact with children in their early years becomes the foundation and origin of their lives.

In an increasingly information-oriented and globalized world, it is a blessing to be to discover what you believe in and what you will be passionate about for the rest of your life.

The RaJA Method cultivates child's interest and curiosity through hands-on experience, helps them acquire knowledge and civility, and nurtures a well-balanced mind, brain, and body with the “Power to serve” In the world that we are approaching, we hope that children will be able to think for themselves, be able to think about what they want, what kind of friends they wish to walk with, realize their dreams, and lead a life of loving others and being loved by others. The future reflected in the eyes of a child is also our dream.




Free and flexible thinking in children ensures learning!

We believe that the balanced cultivation of "intellectual, moral and physical education" is the foundation for a rich humanity and a healthy life, both physically and mentally.



What is "RaJA style RIT education" ?

RaJA's original method is based on the right brain education. However, it is by no means a "right-brain only" training method. People tend to be pulled towards the left brain, as they develop logical thinking while understanding language. An approach that balances the left and right brains is essential in order to develop ideas and other skills, and transform them into higher-quality learning. 

「RaJA式 RIT教育(リット)」とは?


Ensure learning

The foundation for a rich humanity is built through "having multiple perspectives" and "having a compassionate heart by experiencing emotions".



"Enriching the mind through intellectual training"

People who can learn from intellectual education are consequently more virtuous. Being willing to learn constructively and positively, without being attached to negativity, is an important life skill that makes life more enjoyable.



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